Download SGTLS (390 MB) or SGTLS Server

The server files are only needed if you want to host your own dedicated server. If you just want to play all you need are the Client files.

Installation instructions

  1. First, download the client files
  2. Open the donwnloaded file and install SGTLS
  3. When installation has finished, restart Steam
  4. You should now see “Stargate: The Last Stand” in your Steam library.
  5. When you start it for the first time, Steam will also download “Source SDK Base 2007” which is needed to run SGTLS.
  6. After “Source SDK Base 2007” was downloaded and installed by Steam, you can now launch SGTLS and join our server! (see “How to play” for instructions on how to join our server and play the game)
“Stargate: The Last Stand” will show up in your Steam library once it was properly installed


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